School Bus Girls 1 Scene 1


Close & Play

One day on the way to school, the driver of the bus decides to make a quick stop at his house to get something. That something includes little Misty's ass and tight little pussy. Three wacky seniors decide to break into the school bus yard and have a menage a trois in the back of the bus. It's never too early to get ready for college. Little Drew doesn't want to go to where the field trip is supposed to take her. She wants to take it into the pants of a more than willing bus driver who jumps at the chance to bang the little pussy! And then one fateful day, while the rest of the class was on a field trip, two students decided to engage in lesbian activities in the school bus. Uh-oh. All hell breakes loose when the strict Mr. Rockman catches them. He lets them know what those pussies are made for.

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